“MUAH By Alexandria is literally addictive! My uniform lipstick every day is a nude pale pink. See Thru Lipstick & Nearly Naked gloss combo is the perfect match! Obsessed.” Stephanie DeSantis, Eye Brow Guru at Warren Tricome in Greenwich, CT







“I was never a big lip stick wearer. I literally only used to wear burts bees or vaseline. When Alex’s lip gloss came out, I started wearing it every single day. I not only love the colors but my lips don’t look chapped anymore or thin. I never used to highlight my lips because I didn’t think they were anything special. I literally have changed my view of myself after wearing her lip color Puff Piece. It is a subtle, natural color but it really enhances my lips and keeps them hydrated.” -Kiriaki Perteses, Owner of The Little Owl Spa in Poughkeepsie, NY

“After being matched for my perfect color combo by Alex herself, I instantly fell in love with these colors! They are beautiful and complimentary. Long lasting and nourishing. And they make my lips look full & perfect!” -Sarah Steeves LCSW, PLLC



“I never wear makeup and See Thru high gloss from MUAH By Alexandria is my go-to whether I’m presenting in front of clients or running errands around town. It’s just the right amount of color and shine to leave me feeling fresh, confident, and ready to conquer the world!” – Kate Crocco, Owner of Confidence Ladies Club; Therapist, Confidence and Mindset Coach