Alexandria Gilleo is a New York & Miami-based makeup artist specializing in beauty makeup. She has strived as a devoted makeup artist in commercial, advertising, corporate and fashion markets. Growing up in New York helped spark her passion for artistry. Alexandria frequently travels for work, is always on the go, and enjoys documenting her journeys as she goes.

Gilleo proclaims quitting her 9-5 job was the best decision she’s ever made. She has completely designed her life, setting herself up for success and happiness.

Alexandria works as a freelance celebrity artist, blogger, social media manager, and mentor. Alexandria is the business owner of an award winning company, Bridal By Alexandria. Alexandria has built and assembled a team of highly unique, creative, dependable, and experienced hair and makeup artists focused on making their clients feel beautiful from the inside out.

Alexandria has appeared on the Tyra Banks show, won several awards for her freelance work, and has raised over $35,000 for charities including St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Her work has been seen on faces including Adriana Lima, Alexander Wang, Charlie Sheen, and Paul Rudd to name a few.

Alexandria simply believes in the beauty that each individual possess. She uses spirituality and successful career tactics to continue to grow as an individual and entrepreneur. Alexandria is passionate about inspiring women and staying true to oneself. She is inspired by music, nature, and beauty, and wants to share her knowledge with the world around her.

Alexandria and her team welcome the opportunity to collaborate with brands, organizations, and movements she loves. For information on how to work together please email:

A note from Alexandria:

Hi, Friend!

My name is Alexandria Gilleo, I’m a freelance makeup artist, blogger, and business coach who supports aspiring entrepreneurs in my field. I spend every day learning happiness and chasing my dreams. I have never felt more alive while building my empire and going after my goals.

Although my bio may sound fabulous and my social media may look like unicorns, roses, and sprinkles, I want to get real with you. Loss was my greatest teacher. I’ve lost a lot of loved ones around me including the hero of my life, my father. Some of these loses included people who have been the ones to push me to pursue my dreams and were some of my biggest supporters. After a lot of unexpected losses and tragedies that occurred in my life, I had to re-learn how to be happy, how to support myself, how to live with gratitude, love, and forgiveness. I soon became committed to finding my purpose and raising my vibration. My role in this journey has been to live fiercely and study deeply.

Considered an expert in my trade, I am devoted and committed to learning, seeking more knowledge, love, and understanding every day to help me grow into a better person. I am committed to walking into each day as an eternal student. Faced with many challenges, I am learning how to stay afloat in my businesses, relationships and life as I continue to grow and remain “open” while pursuing this thing called happiness.

Why MUAH? I get this question a lot. Years ago when I first created my Facebook page “Alexandria Gilleo- MUAH,” the intention of MUAH was to stand for Make Up And Hair. Later that week, my Dad kept blowing kisses and saying Muah! Muah! and after 3 days of him making this ridiculous kiss remark at me.. I’m like, “What the heck are you doing?” He replies, “Your new Facebook name! It’s Muah! Like a kiss! I think it’s brilliant and you should use that name for your lipstick line one day.” Well, what a bright idea DAD. I did break it to him that MUAH did not stand for a kiss, but for “Make Up And Hair” but what a fun idea to combine the two concepts together. After his passing, I decided to carry on with the name as my blog and create my own line of lipsticks and products as my dedicated brand, MUAH.

Through daily practices, new routines, rituals, reading, studying, having mentors, teaching others, listening to podcasts, writing, and not ever quitting, I have awakened to my own truth. I have reconnected with who and what matters. I’ve welcomed mindfulness into my life. Sure, we all want some fairy dust in our lives, but I’ve learned you can’t just choose to be joyful. Before you can choose joy, you must choose YOU.

Some of my greatest lessons thus far has been;

-When you love what you do, success comes to you

-The importance of investing into yourself and your dreams

-Traveling creates the best experiences

-Get comfortable with the uncomfortable

-Opportunities come when you put in the effort

-Find lessons, positivity and even some humor in tough situations

-Be around the right people and stay away from energy vampires

-Set good intentions

-Live simply, material things do not matter

-Meditate and Manifest

-& Finally, Embrace this life and enjoy the ride.

My aim is to help you achieve your goals and reach your dream lifestyle. I’m committed to sharing my journey with my readers, to always inspire and motivate! My posts will help you transform your life and form a clear vision. I want to help my readers embrace their potential. I want to connect, reveal, see and engage with possibility! I don’t want to be your guru or your wizard, or place myself above you or anyone. I want to add value and inspiration, as I share my quest with you. I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

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Xx Alexandria