A Facial Experience At The Little Owl Spa

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As I’m walking in for my appointment at The Little Owl Spa, I am feeling excited to receive one of Kiki’s signature facial treatments. Immediately upon arrival, I can feel my senses start to relax and wind down just from the aroma itself. The Little Owl Spa is a small space made for healing your skin, body, and soul. I smell scents of lavender swirling through the air, the lights are dim, the candles are lit, and I’m instantly feeling relaxed. Surrounded by embroidered cushions and pillows, I sit down for a cup of chamomile tea.

When it comes to skin, you want to make sure that you are choosing a knowledgeable professional to work on you. Not only are Kiki’s facials relaxing but she knows how to achieve the results that I’m looking for. Our skin is a complex system and also our largest organ, so we want to make sure to give it the love and care it deserves!

Kiki uses nourishing products that will relieve stress, bring balance, and repair your skin. It has been a while since I’ve received a facial and for the most part, my skin has been great, I just needed some extractions done along with a light peel for the new season. Peels work on a cellular level and are able to deeply exfoliate. Extracting and picking are two different things. An extraction is a few quick proper and gentle presses in different directions to safely clear the pores. Picking is a continuous bother of squeezing a breakout when it’s not ready to come out. This will leave you feeling red, inflamed, and will spread more bacteria under the skin leading to more breakouts, damage to the skin’s tissue, and potential scarring. I want to note here that after every facial I have with Kiki, I do not leave with my face red or broken out. I always leave the Little Owl Spa with a radiant, hydrated, and revitalized complexion.

Kiki always leaves me with a great at home regimen that’s personalized for my skin. She recommends products that have never failed me and tells me how long to leave each product on for, along with when to use each one. For example, my vitamin C serum that I use only once a week in my morning regimen.

Because I have a great regimen and at home skin care system, I only need a facial 4x a year. I go at the beginning of every season, as our skin types can change due to weather, climate, environment, etc.

“If clients are using a balanced and useful skincare system at home, every 3 months is a great time to check in and receive minor extractions. However, if a client needs a series of chemical peels to assist in dark spots, scarring, or fine lines, a facial treatment can be done every 2 weeks. Acne is another condition that requires frequent visits to a knowledgeable esthetician who will help extract properly and aid in oil production control.” – Kiriaki Perteses

Remember, facials should be done by a qualified, knowledgeable therapist and approached gently. To achieve glowing and healthy skin make an appointment with Kiki at TheLittleOwlSpa.com

Here are some tips on Ingredients to stay AWAY from:

-Drying soaps, harsh scrubs, aggressive cleaning brushes (that has bristles that are stiff and rough on the skin)

-Toners, astringents, high amounts of alcohol (Denat Alcohol is rubbing alcohol)

-Witch hazel, menthol, citruses, eucalyptus

-Natural or synthetic fragrances (Parfum)

-Essential Fragrant Oils such as lavender, neroli, orange, lemon, grapefruit, rosemary, ylang-ylang, lemongrass, thyme, cinnamon, citronella, and tea tree oils.

-Mints of any kind


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