All About Brows

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All About Brows

It’s the most desired beauty service of the year: eyebrow shaping. We all desire, obsess, idolize and dream about the perfect brows. As a self-proclaimed “eyebrow architect”, I see this obsession everyday. For many of my clients that are 20 years and older, we are all products of the hideously, embarrassing, thin brow phenomenon. Whether you have visited nail salons every two weeks for an over-wax, or tweezed your brows into oblivion, you may feel like your skinny, sparse brows are hopeless.

All About Brows

Fortunately for you, eyebrow technology has come a long way. Serums and brow styling products are amazing aids to help bring those thin brows to life. Aside from those, the biggest way to get your brows back is to have PATIENCE. I typically won’t even shape a client’s brows, until they have waited AT LEAST 6-8 weeks of growing them out, with absolutely NO tweezing or waxing in between. Yes, it’s an extremely painful process and your brows will not be looking fabulous as tons of new little hairs will be sprouting, but it is worth it. After my client has done the “dirty work” and waited the proper time for the brow cycle to finish I will shape them. As time goes by, more and more hairs will develop, filling in the holes and gaps so the brow maintenance becomes less and less. It typically will take a good year before the brow can grow back so once again, you have to be patient.

All About Brows

Below I listed a few quick tips to help the “Eyebrow Rehab” process a little easier.

Eyebrow Rehab: Tips for the Overtweezers

1. Toss the Tweezers! Constant plucking (daily/weekly) will never allow hair follicles to grow because of constantly removing the stray hairs. By continually damaging the hair follicle one will never see new growth in the areas they want. Allow 6-8 weeks of new growth before your eyebrow appointment.

2. Brush Away! Use a blank mascara wand after you have cleansed your face at night, and briskly brush the mascara wand up and down throughout your brow for a couple of minutes to help get rid of the dry, dead skin and promote new hair growth.

3. RevitaBrow! My all time favorite brow serum to help promote new follicle production on spare brows, or brows that have been compromised from years of wax abuse. This clinical grade serum will help condition and nourish your brow with peptides boosting new hair growth.

4. Reschedule! It’s important to stay on a brow regimen in order to keep up with your shape. If you wait too long in between visits, brows will start to look unruly and unkempt. After your brow shaping, schedule your next appointment that day so you will remember when to groom your brows.

5. Style! At the brow studio in dream, there are plenty of amazing products to help style your brows to look their absolute best. Brows with “holes” or “short tails” can be immediately erased with the simple and fabulous brow products at dream which Stephanie will personally show you how to use.

All About Brows

All About Brows

Inside her brow studio in Greenwich, eyebrow artist Stephanie DeSantis will provide each client with an experience. Her eye for symmetry and attention to detail, make her one of the most sought after eyebrow artist in the tri-state area. Stephanie’s passion for eyebrow designing began 9 years ago when she became a licensed esthetician from The New York School of Esthetics. Brow Shaping was a part of her services provided however, after noticing the attention she was getting from the majority of her clientele for the caretaking of their brows, she decided that she would turn her focus to one single thing: eyebrows. Now for almost ten years Stephanie has been creating customized brow shapes by waxing, tweezing, trimming, tinting and styling them. Her educational approach to showing her clients how to recreate their brows at home has helped clients feel fabulous about their brows in the interim of seeing Stephanie. Her widespread popularity on social media has led her to style the brows of celebrities and models alike. A self-proclaimed “eyebrow architect” Stephanie is the go-to brow artist for the eyebrow obsessed.


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